Royal Porcelain is the brand that represent porcelain products and is the company’s main product that is well known in both the domestic market as well as the international market. It is a refined ceramic with resistance to scratch and damage from cleaning Chemicals. It has smooth surface, light weight and doesn’t absorb Water. Thus, suitable for the use in the hospitality industry.



A good presentation on your dining table requires two important things: the mouthwatering foods and the elegant tableware. One will not make a spectacular presentation without another. Royal Porcelain sees the important of this combination which inspired the new porcelain shape called “OPERA”. OPERA is not just a normal simple round tableware design. We put emphasis on your food presentation no matter if it is in your home, in your restaurant or in a hotel banquet. Unlike any other designs before it, the prominence step up of the frame around the eating area of OPERA plates and bowls accentuate the food presentation to the maximum. It can be said that OPERA is like an exquisite picture frame that hold a priceless piece of art.