Royal Porcelain’s newest brand .DEVA is created with a new concept of tableware dining in mind. The idea is to have fun with the design but still maintains its functionality that suitable for both retail and hotel segments. DEVA signifies strength in design and pure in beauty, presenting products that create personality of being bold, unique, and fun, but at the same time elegant and sophisticate. DEVA brand is positioned in a high end/premium market segment that is suitable for 5 star hotels and restaurants



The elegant new premium bone china range from DEVA Collection Brand. QUAZAR’s design is inspired by the most powerful, luminous, and energetic objects in the universe known as“Quasar”. Billions of years in the making, Quasar is a simple geometric form that composes of rotating motion with high power and illumination in the shape of a crescent. Thus, commence the new tableware concept called QUAZAR. Since it is obvious that Quasar is one of the most beautiful and luminous objects in our universe, then it is undeniable that QUAZAR tableware range should be produced in the premium bone china body, the highest standard ceramic material that furnish attributes of strength, translucent, and beauty parallel to that of Quasar’s. QUAZAR is the new and the most impressive range from DEVA Collection Brand. It is the new concept that will grace and ignite like luminous objects on your dining table.